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They didn't teach us marketing in grad school... So I will.

About Me

Hey there, The Delightful Clinician here, But, you can call me Shauna. I'm a licensed therapist who is on the mission to fill in the gaps they didn't teach us in grad school. When I am not running after my toddler, sneaking a date night with my husband, or working on my private practice, I am in someone's training trying to gain new skills to benefit my businesses. I've been in the online world for 5+ years and have self-published my own planner, created a podcast, ran a website, and even created some courses. I spent a lot of time and thousands of dollars to gain knowledge, and I know what can be done, but, I also know clinicians don't have that kind of time to dedicate to reviving up their practices...

Why You Should Join Me

After noticing other therapists have a yearning for other revenue streams along with having a full running practice but, also, struggling to find helpful information to get them started, I knew I wanted to share my skills. Together, we take the skills we already have "Therapizing" and merge them with creative techniques, fresh ideas and marketing we need to build, launch, and grow our practices! No more quick responses on what you should do and more opportunities have in-depth conversations about your next steps. 

The Problem

You're stuck in this cycle where you see multiple people in direct services daily and then come home exhausted, but you can't sleep at night. A major stressor is the ability to obtain basic funds, all while feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks to complete for your very large caseload. You want more freedom to make more money, spend time with friends and family, and finally receive a return on the investment you made on your education. It's time to step outside of the box, you know this, but you don't know how. 

The Solution

Everyone says the same thing. "Create a course, start coaching, or get into consulting," but very few train you on the pathway of doing so, or even adding that to your practice. It's time to change your strategy not your career. The Business of Therapizing Community is a place where you can get ideas as well as learn how to diversify your income in all aspects. (Not just the idea part, but the planning, designing, and execution, and marketing part as well.)  

It's a one stop shop designed solely for Mental Health Professionals so you can serve your communities, gain financial independence, and have the autonomous career you intended. 

A Big Thanks!

I'm so very excited that you are here. I wanted to provide something different and useful for other therapist like myself. This community would not be possible without you, so Thank YOU!

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